Language training

Learning a new language takes time and perseverance, but it gives you the confidence that you understand the language of the country that you currently live in. Every language consists of different competence levels. One level up from A0 to A1, for example, takes approximately 32 hours to be accomplished. Individual training usually lasts 90 minutes. Group lessons take 120 minutes. The intake interview is free of charge. Based on the information provided, I prepare an efficient and personalized offer. 

Career coaching

Do you feel stuck? Do you want to achieve more in your career? In which phase of your life? So many questions to be discussed. We do this together during the intake interview. Subsequently, I develop an offer with a personalized step-by-step plan. The career coaching course consists of 8 sessions of 90 minutes. 

Training “Wake up your creativity”

Everybody has a certain dose of creativity. Just have to awake it and you will experience the true pleasure of learning a new language or making an important career move.

I have developed special training in which you can regain your creativity. The method is suitable for both individual and group sessions. Request you ‘free of charge’ personalized offer.