About Watermakers

My name is Anke and I am a water creator

Water flows, and when you are cruising down the right river, it flows with you. This is what inspires me and is my life’s motto. I love water and would rather spend my time sailing than doing anything else. I haven’t, however, spent all my time going down the right river. Too often have I tried to swim against the currents, which costs a lot of energy. The journey to find the right river, my river, took a long time.

As a child I was sociable and loved playing outside. I grew up in the sedate country side, but at home things could be turbulent. My parents got divorced and I left home at an early age. During that time I lost the connection to myself. I lived outside in, instead of, inside out.

After college I moved to Amsterdam where outside influences overwhelmed me, because of this it took me a long time to truly find myself again.  The city taught me about the diversity of people and the freedom to be yourself. This is when I started to work on my personal development and took a lot of courses and training programmes. Step by step, I discovered that the connection to myself was extremely important to get to the essence of things. What also helped me come to that realization was buying a sailing boat with friends. Because of that I could once more go sailing, one of my favourite things to do. I used to go sailing a lot when I was younger. Slowly, I started to realise how important nature and especially water are to me. That was the moment the water started to flow for me.

In which river do you find yourself? Does the water flow with you or do you get stuck while you are swimming against the current? Do you live outside in or inside out? Water flows through organisations, cultures and people just like proper communication does. When you feel well, you go with the flow. When you feel bad, you do not, which drains your energy. I will teach you how to make sure the water flows with you and will enable you to re-connect with your true self. Connecting with your inner-self will make it easier to truly connect to other people as well. You might just risk the chance of encountering meaningful collaborations that will bring you so much more. After all, together you can go a great deal further than alone.

My knowledge combined with my skills can help you achieve this. I am the water creator who will make sure you’ll become the shimmer, the glistening of the water and the wave that will set things into motion once more.

You will become a water creator yourself and by sharing this we (can) all become water creators. Together we can make the difference, because we are doing what we want to do on this earth. The water shimmers once more, you are cruising down the right river and are behind the wheel. You are in control of your own life.
Don’t you want to the sailor of your own destined river?  






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