What customers say:

“You are the best teacher I’ve ever had. With you, every student stays enthusiastic and you have time and patience for everyone. I learned a lot from you: my reports, pronunciation, and reading have noticeably improved. Thank you Anke!”

M. Knijtijzer, KLM Catering Services.

“This training has been a good investment in my future.”

Amin, I-SEC-BV Schiphol.

“What an educational day! I am very enthusiastic about this training.”

Sedoc (Interview training for the project: Personal Journey at the Aviation College Schiphol).

“You know to motivate!”.

Johanna Teafilovic, Berlitz

Anke taught me some introductory Dutch. I learned a lot form her! I loved the pace of the lessons and the way she made the learning experience very pleasant. Thank you Anke!

Thomas Woelz